Continuing on the journeys of the Dadaist, Surrealists or Situationists; of writers such as Henry David Thoreau, Walter Benjamin or Lucios Burckhardt; artists such as Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller or Rimini Protokoll; B_Tour, established in Berlin in 2013, is a nomadic curatorial platform dedicated solely to projects that take conventional tourism as a point of quasi-anthropological investigation, appropriate this social form and subvert its conventional associations*. The projects which are typically produced and presented in the context of B_Tour are guided tours conceptualised as art works, audio walks, and experimental forms of navigation in the fields of performance and visual art.

The typical profile of a B_Tour:
It is the result of an artistic research that generates knowledge about the world, our relationship to it and our relationship to each other.
The research generates unique knowledge about these relationships.
The tour is a result of the artist's need to share that knowledge with others and invite them into her/his learnings.
It is an aesthetic form and is framed as a work of art in itself.
The audience/participants are interested in the intersection between art and art mediation, walking as a performative and/or political act, narratology, anti-tourism and walking as a corporal experience; Reflecting on notions of locality and community in the context of the urban, human-technolgy interface or geographical hegemony.
B_Tour presented 7 festivals and individual projects by approx. 100 artists and artist groups in Berlin, Belgrade, Leipzig, Copenhagen, Vilnius and Tel-Aviv/Jaffa/Lod. Apart from the main program of mobile projects presented in the public space, the programs included a series of panel discussions about current urban matters called B_Talks; a public screening program, workshops, networking events and special programs for young people.


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