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The "Festival de dibujo Panajachel 2013" has one aim: to get everyone drawing!
Drawing allows us to see the world more clearly, to put our thoughts in order and to communicate them effectively. Drawing is a powerful tool for learning, and a valuable skill for life. In this small multicultural community in the highlands of Guatemala the festival is a wonderful oportunity for students, residents, artists and travelers of diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds to come together and simply enjoy being involved. It celebrates individual creativity as well as a group experience. There is a schedule of participation for local private, public as well as international schools, individual "walk ins" are most welcome to mingle.
The festival will be held at two locations: Casa Cakchiquel, Calle 14 de Febrero, Panajachel Artistico Ajachel, Calle de los Frutales, and Centro Panajachel. Doors will open at 8 am and close at 6 pm, as about 800 students and an additional number of community members are expected. The infrastructure is simple: participants will be provided with a soft pencil, walls and parts of the floor are covered with white paper.
The event is organised by Karin Evertz, teacher.... Panajachel, Guatemala and Jorinde Nisse artist and Cultural Educator. Berlin, Germany. " This year is a test, next time we want to connect on an international level, "

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31. Okt 2013 - 31. Dez 2018

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