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Sensory Lab Workshop #1 DANCE LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING with Marta Rubaj

Sensory Lab is a digital experiment to connect through movement & senses. Find out more here:

DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING is a lead dance improvisation run by Marta Rubaj. The participants are not at all expected to be professional dancers though! Believing in the therapeutic impact of the „dance like nobody's watching”-vibe, Marta will share the tools enabling finding an intimate bond with our bodies.

Movement is as natural for us to express and exchange information as speech; it can connect us with people around us, but can also open a conversation with ourselves. In this workshop Marta Rubaj invites us to see times of social distancing as a beautiful opportunity to explore movement as self-care, self-observation, self-party. "Dance like nobody's watching" is an opportunity to explore new sensations in our bodies, new dimensions, new grooves, new ways to recharge.

The workshop will last up to 40minutes. Participants are expected to have nothing but a little space around and bare feet. Please, make sure there are no mirrors around you to catch your eye. Also, the idea is to not feel watched, so the advice would be for everyone to stay in a room alone or invite whoever is around to simply join us.

Fee: Sliding scale € 5-15 according to what you can give. We will be more than grateful to receive even higher donations. If you can't give anything, that's fine too! All the donations go to independent artists working on this project. You can make the donation here:

MARTA RUBAJ has studied dance since she was 6 years old: ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, but all the experience she'd love to share in this improvisation workshop is the one she brought from Israel. She had been an apprentice in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Theatre for a year, then worked on several dance projects in Tel Aviv, studied GaGa and explored the Israeli contemporary dance scene, then fell in love with Argentinian tango. She keeps giving and taking workshops, and creates choreographies for shorts films and music videos.



Sensory Lab Workshop #1
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4. Jul 2020 , 11:00 - 11:45…


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