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Sensory Lab Workshop #2 "SENSE IN BODY" with Daria Belous aka Dasha

Sensory Lab is a digital experiment to connect through movement & senses. Find out more here:

Remember the last time you were under water? What memories do you need in order to get back to this experience? Touch, taste, the feeling of floating in the water or maybe the way your muscles feel?

The current overload of information, thoughts, fears, anxieties and the lack of connection has already affected our bodies. Our homes have become our environment and our sensory system loses its functionality. In order to awaken our sensory awareness and give more attention and care to our body and our emotions, we need to create a new sensory experience.

"SENSE IN BODY" run by Daria Belous is an invitation to discover the possibilities of combining basic sensory systems and more subtle senses (balance, space, movement) with outside energies in order to find out new sensations. The workshop brings us closer to sensing our bodies and the feeling of connectedness.
It is a movement practice designed in the form of experimental propositions with time for self-discovery. We will pay special attention to our breathing and discover various breathing techniques which connect us strongly to our senses. At the end of the class there will be a special sharing moment in the form of writing, drawing, moving, using voice, etc.

Fee: Sliding scale € 5-15 according to what you can give. We will be more than grateful to receive even higher donations. If you can't give anything, that's fine too! All the donations go to independent artists working on this project. You can make the donation here:

DARIA BELOUS is a Belarusian-born improvisation movement artist based in Berlin. She studied at Tanzfabrik’s Dance intensive program where she discovered such practices as movable cinema, Body-Mind Centering, instant composition, which deepen her research in movement, psychology and creation. Currently she is a student at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. She is collaborating with interdisciplinary artists and choreographs her own pieces.



Sensory Lab Workshop #2
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11. Jul 2020 , 11:00 - 12:00…


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