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Sensory Lab Workshop #3 "REFLECTION OF A DANCING BODY" with Finnja Willner

Sensory Lab is a digital experiment to connect through movement & senses. Find out more here:

FINNJA WILLNER teaches us, that the body is the territory where our thoughts and movements, sensations and emotions intersect, where life and art are interwoven in creation.

Which images and sensations emerge within your body when you start a dance?
Which stories do they tell and how to share these arising images - trace of your dancing body - with others?
How can the camera become an ally, another body - an extension of your own body - in your dance, that witnesses and expresses what wants to emerge in this very moment?

In REFLECATION OF A DANCING BODY we want to explore how to translate sensual experiences into an audiovisual language. Experiences like the touch of clothes on your skin, skin on skin, body parts moving into different forms and the interaction with the space around and within us. We will tune in with somatic exercises and little by little introduce the camera in our dance to create continuous movements from our bodies towards our cameras to let them resonate in the images. We close with a reflection on the experience and a sharing on what has come up.

For this workshop please put on comfy clothes to move in, have a camera or mobile phone with enough video space by your side and music you want to dance to. Looking forward to dance and film with you ♥

Fee: Sliding scale € 5-15 according to what you can give. We will be more than grateful to receive even higher donations. If you can't give anything, that's fine too! All the donations go to independent artists working on this project. You can make the donation here:

FINNJA WILLNER is a filmmaker, visual anthropologist and somatic researcher. Her interest lies in exploring possibilities how to interweave somatic methods, movement and sensual experiences with camera work to create approaches on filmmaking that are not just concentrated on the visual but rather include all our senses in the creating as well as in the receiving of audiovisual art.

Sensory Lab Workshop #3
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18. Jul 2020 , 11:00 - 12:30…


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